Hagan 101

Having worked in media agencies across Australia, I have realized this is what I want to do for my immediate professional career. Ideally, I would love to be able to work in media buying for a range of successful clients with the opportunity to live and work overseas.

Besides being an advertising and journalism student, I work as an administration assistant where dealing with client demands is something I perform on almost a daily basis. It is with this experience to where I have acquired the skills to meet tight deadlines, multitask and learn to work as part of a team. It is through my experiences working, studying and interning  to where I am confident that I have the abilities to be successful within the media industry.

The ways in which I exemplify this are evident in all my work as a uni student and in the positive feedback I have received from employers who have been satisfied with my performance and eagerness to learn.

While I understand I have various professional qualities, I am not oblivious to the qualities of mine which do require improvement. For one, I do at first find difficulty talking to co-workers. Not to say that I am shy but having worked in an environment which was not open to office conversation, the transition to working in a social office was very difficult. This is an important part of being successful in the media industry and is something I need to work on to improve my career opportunities.

This aspect of career opportunities highlights another issue within the industry I plan to be working in. The truth for the media industry is that positions are limited and competition is high. For graduates, having to establish connections is an important part of working in the media industry. Furthermore, bigger opportunities are present within the Sydney and Melbourne markets which would require further effort on my behalf in order to access jobs within larger interstate companies.

Overall, I know I am on the right track to working in the industry I love and if I continue to make connections, improve my knowledge on the industry and make the extra effort to get to know people, I am positive I can make a great contribution to an agency.