Thinking Visually

Clarity is an important component of any presentation. Design adds value to any body of work as it creates both an incentive to read, supports the material and improves the readers overall experience.

The design inspired for this blog is a combination of elements of design theory that is reflective of various contemporary digital styles. As identified within the provided reading material, having a dominant header font draws attention directly to the story with the objective of being visually eye-catching being an important aspect of storytelling.

The clean and modular design does not create clutter with the use of black text amongst a white background appealing to users familiarity with that colour combination. As The Poynter’s Institute (2013) eye tracking research identifies, the “eyes most often fixated first in the upper left of the page, then hovered in that area before going left to right.” With regards again to user familiarity, it is through applying the Poynter principle to which clarity and readability is provided for my target audience.

As I am a textually focused writer, I selected a template which does not provide imagery amongst the sidebars of my page as it was deemed too distracting. If I choose to incorporate an image in my copy it would be present throughout the body of work.

Overall, the template selected for my blog took into consideration various contemporary design techniques in order to create clarity within the users reading experience.


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