Thinking Ahead

It was at the end of grade 11 when I realized I had a true passion for advertising. Being made to analyze so many films throughout the year and producing a miniature advertising campaign were aspects of my high school career that influenced me long after the semester had ended. It was here where I realised in order to compete for jobs, I would need to learn to speak the vernacular of my trade. From then on I watched ABC’s the Gruen Transfer religiously, embraced the online world of Mumbrella and actively sought out doing assignments on advertising whenever it was relevant.

Poet Charles Bukowski wrote that you should “find what you love and let it kill you”. My passion for creative arts consumes me to the point it does not switch off. It is the worst thing to happen to my social life to the point where I cannot see a movie without critically evaluating it or my burning interest in knowing whether or not the campaign I just saw on TV was successful or how many people watched last nights episode of X-Factor.

I recently took a trip to USA in order to stalk the Oscars and get my own ‘Mad Men’ experience in New York. Seeing the glow of the Dolby Theatre and lights on Broadway is something I can never top and has provided to me aspirations that I will strive to attain. Just knowing this is where my industries of interest are most successful is a motivator which will push me to do what I can so I can get there.

While I am excited to work in an entry level media position, it is the jobs following this position that I am really looking for. This is the commercial field I wish to dive head first into and will do everything in my efforts to make a successful career happen.


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