Going French

We spell colour with a ‘U’ where it metaphorically makes more sense to spell with an ‘I’.

Simply putting it, creating the right tone for a blog entry is more than just the written content.

As an emerging media professional, I need to create a well-balanced and simple pallet in order to communicate a relevance between the Hagan and Australian media brands.

Observing the logos and colour schemes of the Australian media industry in relation to my understanding of colour meaning, there is a predominant colour scheme utilised across the spectrum. That is the pallet including the colours blue, red and white.

france flag

The colour red is an emotionally intense colour which represents passion and has high visibility (reflective of my passion to succeed in the industry). This is counteracted with the colour blue which represents depth, stability and calmness (eases the pages tone and establish comfort). The colour white is the “colour of perfection” and represents “simplicity, safety, purity and cleanliness,” as evident in most designs.

Delivering an evocative colour pattern is crucial towards landing my target audience to my blog page and maintaining attention. This colour pattern is indicative of pages affirmations and aligns perfectly with my desired messaging.

Whether it be intentional, patriotism to France or that every agency hired the one graphic designer, you can be rest assured that the colour pattern suggested will get the message across.


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